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What do craps dealers eat for dessert? The dice are dancing on the table.

He went out to the front of the casino to get a cab back to the airport. Two bored casino dealers are waiting at a gambking table for gamblers. A very attractive blonde lady comes in and wants to bet twenty thousand […]. If you bet on a horse, that's gambling. Can you spare 1 mBTC Bettor: I have been living of bitcoin since He takes out his gambling joke and searches all his references, even the Library of Congress.

Check out our collection of funny gambling jokes. We are sure they will make you laugh. 4) Poker is like sex - everyone thinks they're the best. Jokes about casinos and gambling. Funny casino cartoons and jokes by our cartoonist. Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something. Wilson Mizner First of all, if you are gambling and you've gotta get change for a nickel – it's over.